Banah's✭Icons (hophopicon) wrote,

Icon 365 Week 1

'Allo! This is my first week participating in the Icon 365 project since I got a late start. These are mostly experimental/far, far outside of my comfort zone, so please do tell me what you think. I love some of them, I think some of them suck, but I'm posting them all in the interests of being honest with myself. :3

Sailor Moon Manga x5
Stock x7
Lilo and Stitch x5
Ellen Page x5
Darker than Black x5
Lady Gaga x3
Kingdom Hearts 2 x5

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

⊕ Comments are loved, Crit is loved most.
⊕ Do not hotlink.
⊕ See here for image and texture sources.
⊕ Please credit either lilpocketninja or hophopicon.
⊕ Friend hophopicon for updates.
Tags: activity: icon 365, media: animanga, media: photography, media: video games, media: western animation, subject: darker than black, subject: disney, subject: ellen page, subject: kingdom hearts, subject: lady gaga, subject: sailor moon, subject: stock, type: icons

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